Metropolis (Date of publication December 2015)
According to calculations by the UNO, by 2050 around seventy percent of the global population will be living in cities. For his spectacular series Metropolis, Martin Roemers sets his sights on megacities worldwide with more than ten million inhabitants in which people often live under difficult circumstances in densely populated areas. Roemer lets us immerse ourselves in these extreme, urban lifeworlds: in his atmospheric photographs consisting of agglomerations and taken with long exposure times, traffic and people merge to become blurred, swirling currents. Motionless individuals or street merchants come across as unearthed islands around which surge colorful crowds. Roemers presents these breathtaking urbanscapes from a slightly elevated perspective, and in doing so calls our attention to the stress that this lifestyle involves as well as the admirable resilience of the countless people who lead this life day in and day out.

Hatje Cantz Publishers, hardcover, 27 x 34 cm., 144 pages, ca. 80 photos in color. 





Relics of the Cold War
The Cold War is over — yet signs of it still exist. For forty years the Iron Curtain divided the countries of Europe into East and West. The arms race was unleashed, nuclear fallout shelters were constructed, and everyone braced for the worst. Martin Roemers has spent ten years in search of the traces of this period, traveling through the countries of former enemies on both sides of the line. He explored and documented underground tunnels, abandoned system control centers, former barracks, rotting tanks, and destroyed monuments. His photographs, which are presented here with essays by H.J.A. Hofland and Nadine Barth, are a stark and moving document of this era of hostility, deterrence politics, and the arms race — and also serve as an appeal for future peace.
This publication is made possible through grants provided by the Stichting Sem Presser Archief and the Stichting Democratie en Media.

Hatje Cantz Publishers, 144 pages, 28x26 cm. 73 photos in color. Text: English
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The Eyes of War
The traces of the Second World War have become seemingly invisible over recent years. Yet the full horror can still be felt in the survivors’ stories, their eyes reflecting the terror and trauma of a wartime childhood. Through his images of the blind victims of war, Martin Roemers has unearthed a haunting metaphor for the depths of the human soul. For this book, he made portraits of dozens of people, who had lost their eyesight as children, young adults or soldiers. This publication features forty portraits with accompanying interviews; it remembers the forgotten yet transcends their individual stories of suffering. Former enemies from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Ukraine and Russia are united in their fate as blind people and as victims of war.
This publication is made possible through grants provided by the Hendrik Muller Fonds, the Mondriaan Fonds and the Stichting Democratie en Media.

Hatje Cantz Publishers, 128 pages, 28x24 cm., 40 duotone photos and 40 interviews. Hardcover.
Introduction by Cees Nooteboom. Photography and interviews: Martin Roemers. Text: English/Dutch/German
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Portraits of ISAF troops in Kabul, Afghanistan. The photographs are taken on an antique plate camera which Roemers used from an Afghan street photographer. 

Legermuseum, 48 pages, 30x24 cm, 28 photos (16 portraits) in black & white. Text: English, Dutch.

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The Never-Ending War
Portraits of 40 World War Two veterans from Russia, the USA, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The photographs are accompanied by short interviews. While the portraits are unambiguous, the interviews describe individual stories: a Dutch prisoner of war who was in Nagasaki when the atom bomb fell, a German who was in an American POW camp where 1200 died, a Flemish/Belgian nationalist who became an SS officer, the last German survivor of the plot to kill Hitler in 1944 etcetera.
“Memory takes possession of the face, the eyes focus for no more than a few seconds on infinity and an inaudible voice says: this is what it was like. Look at Martin Roemers’ photographs: for here are the faces of veterans listening to the voice of their memory.”  H.J.A. Hofland.
The Never-Ending War won a World Press Photo Award in 2006.

QV Publishers, 122 pages,  30x24 cm, 40 portraits in black & white, 11 photos in color.
Photography and interviews: Martin Roemers. Text: English, Dutch. 
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Trabant. The Final Days of Production - Die letzten Tagen der Produktion 1990-1992
In the spring of 1991, the final Trabant was fabricated after 34 years of production. This signalled the end of an era: the compact car with a plastic body made in East-Germany since 1957 was the epitome of the Eastern Block car and was well-known beyond the borders of the German Democratic Republic. In the West the Trabi was seen as reactionary and was derided for its technical simplicity. Within the GDR it was unloved and treasured in equal measure, a fixed component of everyday life and a reflection of social status. This book documents the final production of the Trabant in Zwickau.

Wasmuth Publishers, 84 pages, 24x22 cm, 41 photos in black & white. Text: English, German. 

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